We are a spay/neuter clinic that offers professional, high-quality care for dogs and cats.

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ChattaNeuter Mission

To provide professional, subsidized spay/neuter services to eliminate the unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs due to overpopulation and lack of resources while empowering communities to care responsibly for their pets.

Services and Pricing


Female Dog
Male Dog
Female Cat
Male Cat
*Spay/Neuter surgery includes anesthesia and pain medication at time of surgery. Includes rabies vaccination if needed. Additional fees may apply for cryptorchid or pregnant animals, dogs in heat, pyometra, exploratory surgery or additional medications or services as needed. Additional fees for dogs over 80lbs.

Services available at time of surgery

Kennel cough vaccine
Fecal Test
Nail Trim
Deworming - Dogs
Deworming - Cats
Heartworm Test

Feral Cats

  • See our free program first. Certain zip codes are eligible.
  • $25 for male or female
  • Must come in humane trap (NOT a carrier)
  • May be dropped off Monday through Wednesday at 8am
  • Will receive rabies vaccination and eartip

Free Spay/Neuter for Feral Cats

Grant: Active

Through the Humane Educational Society, Hamilton County’s animal shelter, we can offer free spay/neuter for feral cats in their jurisdiction. The following zip codes are eligible:

37302, 37304, 37308. 37315, 37341, 37343, 7350, 37351, 37363, 37373, 37377, 37379, 37384, 37415

Read our TNR Instructions to learn how to take advantage of this program.

Pit Bulls

Grant: Expired

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The Clinic

In February of 2017 our team, comprised of individuals with years of experience in animal welfare, opened the clinic out of a response to the growing need for high-quality spay/neuter services in Chattanooga. We partner with over 150 other clinics in the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance to make a significant impact on the homeless pet population.
About the ChattaNeuter ClinicAbout the ChattaNeuter Clinic

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