Fix-A-Pit for free is back!

February 27, 2019

September 29, 2018

Fix a Pit for FREE is back in Hamilton County!


Thanks to PetSmart Charities ChattaNeuter has again received a generous grant to spay and neuter even more Pit Bulls and Pit bull mixes for residents of Hamilton County for free!  Spring is right around the corner in Chattanooga and every year thousands of puppies are born and relinquished to local shelters.  Because Pit Bulls are such an overbred breed across the Tennessee Valley, our shelters have an overabundance waiting for adoption and more coming in the door every day.  We want to utilize this grant to meet the need for Hamilton County residents to spay and neuter their pit bull and pit bull mixes for free.  All necessary vaccinations due at the time of the surgery are included in the FREE offer from PetSmart and ChattaNeuter.  


To make an appointment please visit our website at and Book Online or call 423-531-7729 Monday-Friday 9:00-4:30. This offer is only available as long as grant funding lasts so don’t delay to make your appointment!  

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